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Crane Hire & Sales

Our selection of cranes includes compact size cranes and cranes with low overall operating weights, making them the ideal machines for confined areas and worksites with restrictive access.

Our specialised cranes are available for hire, providing a range of options to suit your project’s needs and budget.
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We prioritise safety and compliance.

All of our cranes are CraneSafe approved and fully compliant under statutory authority requirements. Inspection documents are available on request so you can be sure you’re receiving the very best equipment.

We have a wealth of experience in civil works; agricultural and forestry; building and framework and plant and steel erection; mining and engineering works; machinery and pool installations.
If you need to hire a crane or you need qualified crane operators to assist, contact the friendly team at Newcastle Cranes today.

Frequently Asked Questions


How much does it usually cost to hire a crane?
It will depend on the job requirements and the type of crane requirements. You need to consider what type of crane will be hired, duration of the project, distance to the location, and work environment.
What are the types of cranes?
How much weight can a crane lift?