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About Us


Who We Are

Newcastle Cranes is a crane and labour hire business servicing Newcastle in NSW as well as the Hunter Valley, Sydney, Newcastle and Mid North Coast.

We have more than 30 years of expertise in the crane industry. The team at Newcastle Cranes has worked with a variety of commercial and industrial clients.
We are driven by our can-do attitude. No matter what your situation requires, we can provide a solution that fulfills the demands of your job.
Whether you require long term or short term hire for large or small jobs, or wet or dry hire, we can coordinate the most suitable means for you.

We specialise in hard to reach jobs. Our compact maneuverable cranes are ideal machines for sites with restricted access and confined working spaces.
Our skills have been put to the test in a variety of industries, situations and terrains such as agriculture, civil, mining and engineering.

Our fleet consists of machines ranging from an all terrain to city cranes.


We can also solve your labour hire requirements and can supply licensed and qualified operators, riggers and doggers.

We are passionate about providing a quality service at a competitive price.
With our reliable equipment and professional staff, we are able to handle a variety of project needs.

We have access to a range of larger machines if your job demands it.
Crane Holding Glass — Crane Hire  in Carrington, NSW
We can offer free quotations for your project to ensure the right equipment for the job.